The Future Is Today in Tampa Bay

2013 ICCFA Annual Convention & Exposition

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Imagine having in your family the healing power of urns that transform your loved one into living memorial trees. The planting of a tree or several trees from cremated remains is an exciting way to gift the planet with life-giving oxygen, thus allowing families to be ecologically responsible.

EterniTrees urns are biodegradable yet strong enough to cradle the precious ashes of a loved one or pet. The top of the urn is a sealed bio chamber that, once buried, absorbs moisture from rain and then the mixture inside expands to cover the cremated remains neutralizing the pH, thus allowing the tree seeds of your choice to grow.

Each urn is designed to hold about one-seventh of a person or a small pet. This allows multiple family members to plant their own tree that is specific to their planting zone. These urns exemplify the vision “Heal Your Heart—Heal the Planet.”

EterniTrees will be part of The Future is Today. Join us April 10-13 in Tampa, Florida, to have your eyes opened to this recently awarded 2012 PRODUCT OF THE YEAR.

One thought on “The Future Is Today in Tampa Bay

  1. Raymond A. Albini

    I purchased a dozen of so Eterni Trees from your Company at the ICCFA convention in Tampa. I was sold a book of goods. The salesman said he was going to send me a banner as well as a display unit to display the canisters. I did receive the trees and they are still in the box they came shipped in on my showroom floor. Please contact me in regards to displaying this product. Chase Parkway Memorial 430 Chase Parkway Waterbury, CT 06708 203-574-1313

    Ray Albini


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