Ginkgo Biloba EterniTrees Urn

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The most fascinating of the EterniTrees collection is the oldest, most revered tree in the history of the world. This flat, scallop-leaved tree waves its forest green foliage as the world passes by, just as it did when the dinosaurs roamed the earth.

In the fall, the Ginkgo Biloba turns a bright golden yellow, blessing the sacred temples that acknowledge this long-lived tree with the honor it deserves. Thriving for over 1000 years, your loved one will carry on as a witness to the changing world.

The oldest record of this beautiful tree is from some 3000 years ago in China where it was described as a medicine tree. When you choose to have your loved one flourish in this tree, you bring beauty, strength, longevity and healing to the world.

USDA Hardness Zones 3-10
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