Quaking Aspen EterniTrees Urn

Quaking Aspen

When your loved one is chosen to nourish this bright, white barked tree, you will feel blessed remembering their love through the sights and sounds that nature will continuously present to you.  In the spring and summer you will be amazed by the heart-shaped leaves that turn from deep green to bright yellow, gold and sometimes red in the fall.  As the wind catches them they flutter; their rustling giving them their reputation of trembling or quaking as they talk or sing to you.  Due to their unique root system, they are the longest lived of all trees and are found in the wild to have lots of company. As their leaves shimmer, catching the sunlight so vital to their existence, they will sing odes to your loved ones memory, reminding you that love never dies. The pure, greenish white to cream colored bark encases a thin, green layer underneath, giving sustenance to deer and elk during even the harshest winters. This stunning tree will also feed your soul with its special beauty as you wonder at the growth and miracle that your loved one has become.

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