White Oak EterniTrees Urn for Pets

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The Oak tree has always been looked upon as the most solid and respected of all trees, with its unusual scalloped leaves and hat top seeds (acorns).

The oak starts strong with a thick deep root system that digs into the earth, stabilizing the broad trunk that will shoot forth. It is marked by low, heavy branches that children grow up climbing and building tree houses on while wondering over the kaleidoscopic display that overwhelms the senses.

When those vividly colored leaves start to shed, they delight the eye with dancing displays of color, riding the breezes and covering the ground in softly cushioned layers, inviting more play and excitement.

The mighty Oak is truly a tree that symbolizes a loving parental, protective and fun soul that delights in the music of children’s laughter.

USDA Hardness Zones 3-7
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