Sitka Spruce EterniTrees Urn for Pets

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Sitka Spruce

As the official state tree of Alaska and one of the tallest conifers in the world, the Sitka spruce tree brings forth deep green, richly colored foliage that provides roosting spots for bald eagles and falcons.  Living upwards of 700 years, this majestic tree serves as a source of nutrition for native wildlife; the tree is tenacious, growing quickly in wet, poor soil conditions.  It’s light, tough timber was used by Native Americans for canoes and basket weaving and is now used widely in piano, harp, violin and guitar manufacture as it is an excellent conductor of sound. For these reasons, the wood is also an important material for sail boat and aircraft. The Wright brothers’ Flyer was built using Sitka spruce, as were many aircraft before WWII. When your loved one’s cremains nourish this wonderful tree, he or she becomes an important and beautiful part of North American tradition and history.

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