Sugar Maple EterniTrees Urn for Pets

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When you choose to have your pet nourish and become the heart of a Sugar Maple, you are showing the world the seasons of change and wonder this beautiful tree brings to us. In Spring, the buds are green and the tree fills the admirer with anticipation of the beauty to come. Next, Summer adds a full covering of deep green leaves that soak up the sun and the limbs grow strong, beckoning children to climb it’s solid branches.

As the summer sun lowers in the sky, you’ll know Fall is here by the magical, vibrant display of kaleidoscopic color. Even after the leaves and the seeds of your Sugar Maple are covering the ground, children cannot resist playing and the seeds bring forth new life. Winter finds this beautiful specimen standing strong against nature’s forces, awaiting the Spring once again.

USDA Hardness Zones 3-8
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