Q: How does this work?

A: EterniTrees™ supplies the seeds for the tree that you select. The upper chamber, or lid contains a unique medium that aids in the release of beneficial plant nutrients, which are found in cremated ashes. By themselves, ashes are harmful to plants’ health and well-being. However, by planting our EterniTrees™ biodegradable urn with your loved one’s cremated ashes, you cultivate a mixture that nourishes and sustains your memorial tree. Just remove the shrink wrap from the urn itself to find your seeds and instructions for preparing and planting this environmentally green alternative to traditional dispositions.

Q: Heaven forbid the tree should not grow. Is there any kind of guarantee or replacement policy?

A: Yes, EterniTrees™ ensures that there is more than enough growth medium as well as nutrient compounds to neutralize the ashes’ negative effects, bringing out the positive elements, which allows the tree seeds to be nourished and to thrive. In the unlikely event that the tree does not grow or an animal destroys the seedling, you may choose to have us send you replacement seeds and growth medium. If seasonally available, we may send an actual seeding, which you can plant on the initial burial site, allowing the nutrients of your loved one to become the heart of a tree, with our compliments.

Q: Does my family have to send you the ashes?

A: No. EterniTrees™ sends you the biodegradable urn(s). The funeral home or crematory will separate and “inurn” the ashes for you, or you can add them to the urn yourself if you are in possession of the remains.

Q: How large is the EterniTrees™ biodegradable urn and how much will each urn hold?

A: Each urn is 5¼” tall and 3” in diameter. The space for ashes in the interior portion of the urn measures 3½” x 2 ¾”. When you place the enclosed biodegradable paper bag inside the urn and fill it, it will hold a little over 1 cup of cremated remains.

Q: Are there any reasons that maybe a community could raise an objection that might prevent the family from doing this (where they normally could plant a tree)?

A: In all the U.S., the cremated remains of people and pets are deemed to hold no health hazards to the public. The only point noted is that you should obtain permission to release your cremated remains on private property. There is also no guarantee, should you choose to plant in a park, that improvements will not take place (which may include removing trees to make way for a playground, for example). So take all possibilities into consideration when choosing a site for your green cremation burial, or disposition.

Q: Is there a way to divide the ashes into multiple containers, thinking that this way, each child could plant a “mom” tree in their family’s yard?

A: Yes. The average person’s cremated remains will fit into 7 - 10 EterniTrees™ biodegradable urns, but can be further divided, using smaller amounts. The average pet will fit in 1 urn, where a large breed dog will need 2. We designed EterniTrees™ urns to allow your loved one or pet to thrive as a living memorial and still give you the option of placing some of the cremated remains in a cemetery, mausoleum, or other place of disposition. Families or pet owners may choose to scatter the remainder of their loved one’s or pet’s ashes in areas that have either special meaning to them, or to the departed.

Q: If EterniTrees™ doesn’t offer what I’m looking for, can I special order a tree or another type of plant, like a bush?

A: EterniTrees™ recently released the Personal Choice urn for those who wish to plant something that is not offered on our site. This way, people can locally source their own seeds, seedling, sapling, bush or even flowers to memorialize their departed loved one or pet. The biodegradable urn still contains the nutrients & growth medium, as well as the biodegradable paper bag for the ashes, but has no seeds, so you can select your own. If you need help with sourcing, just contact us, and we’ll do our best.

Q: Can I plant indoors, then move it outdoors later?

A: If the season is too hot or too cold when you wish to place your departed, we suggest that you place the EterniTrees™ biodegradable urn with the ashes when you are ready, then germinate the seedlings indoors and move them to the site of the urn when the climate is favorable.